• Document Processing for STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS:

    Student Loan Consolidation plans are available for you to take advantage of. Don’t Be mislead by the lenders, your payments may be reduced as low as ZERO dollars!

    Federal Loan Forgiveness

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Student Loan Consolidation Relief:

When you consolidate your student loans with the D.O.E you ultimately end up paying much less than what you were paying now. Consolidating your student loans will allow you to take advantage of Student Loan Forgiveness if you are eligible.

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Forgiveness, discharge and cancellation, of your loans means that you are no longer expected to pay back your loans. Your income and family size can qualify you for payments as low ZERO dollars per month leading to complete loan forgiveness. Find out whether you are eligible base on your job, Income, Family size, the closure of your school, disability or other circumstances. There are so many options available that can help you reduce payments, eliminate part or some of your balance. Take advantage of the benefits through consolidation with the D.O.E.  You’re free Evaluation awaits you, don’t hesitate to Call us (877-698-2733) !!!

You must repay your loans even if you do not complete your education, unhappy with the education you paid for, or you can’t find a job Related to your program of study. However, certain circumstances may qualify your loans to be forgiven, canceled, or discharged. Call (877-698-2733)  to apply for assistance!

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  • You may be eligible for a 100% discharge of your Direct Loans:

    After reviewing your loan forgiveness options, if you think your loans may qualify, give us a call at (877-698-2733)  to speak with a loan forgiveness adviser. Your evaluation and financial review of your eligibility are free of charge. Weather you have Federal Loans, Perkins Loans, Parent Plus loans, (FFEL) Family Federal Education Loans, Federal Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Federal Stafford and or Loans in default, we can help. We can also assist you with wage garnishment relief.  You must act today as we are unaware of how long loan

    Forgiveness will be available to borrowers. We take pride in providing our customers with quality and excellences. If you decide to hire S.L.C to prepare your documentation for accurate and complete submission to the D.O.E our processing fee is reasonable, affordable & based on your income and family size.  Call (877-698-2733)  Today!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    When hiring SLC to process your documents for Student Loan Consolidation we give you the peace of mind by guaranteeing our work! CLIENTS will receive a Student Loan Consolidation plan through the Department Of Education’s debt consolidation program. Once SLC completes your document processing, if said CLIENT is not approved or denied for a Student Loan consolidation, then SLC will reimburse 100% of the Document processing Fee. Agents are Standing By ready to assist you call (877-698-2733) 

    About Debt Consolidation Student Loans:

    Student Loan Consolidation is a practical repayment tool that combines all your student loans into one master loan. Consolidating your student loans will reduce the pressure of multiple payments and allow you to budget your finances. People often apply for student loan debt consolidation to secure one low monthly payment, a lower or fixed interest rate and avoid wage or tax garnishments. Get Help Today (877-698-2733) 

    All quotes provided by [SLC] are valid for up to 30 days following the date of of your application. All scenario are quoted on a case by case basis through the D.O.E. Our company accepts no liability for clients that are already in default or if clients fail to comply with instructions provided by SLC. Our company accepts no liability for consequences of any actions taken by the D.O.E on the basis of false information provided by customers. We offer a free consultation to all who are interested in resolving their student loans. We do not offer any legal advice. We do not charge any upfront cost. We are not government affiliated nor do we represent the D.O.E in any way. We are an independant Document Processing company available to the public to hire for document processing for federal student loan consolidation/ forgiveness applications. We do not lend money nor do we charge any interest. We charge a one time doc prep fee with hardship options for those in need. Our fee may vary based on each potential clients workload.  Don’t wait until your situation spirals even further out of control. GET HELP TODAY! (877-698-2733) 





GET HELP TODAY! (877-698-2733) 

Our Mission:

Our trained professional advisers will evaluate your loan forgiveness options and advise you of which repayment plan we recommend to be best for you based upon your budget. We will process all necessary documentation in order for you to take advantage of your options for payment reduction. With the department of educations Student Loan Forgiveness and college loan elimination, you will immediately feel the relief of a burdensome monthly payment. If your wages are being garnished we assist with processing all necessary documentation needed in order to place you in a loan rehabilitation plan. This plan is set up to stop the lenders from taking your hard earned money through garnishment. Through Student Loan Consolidation, you will have the luxury of one convenient low monthly payment in addition to one low interest rate. If you are in default, avoid having your taxes offset or garnished before it’s too late. SLC will assist you in putting a stop to your wage garnishment once and for all! Stop letting the loan companies take money right out of your paycheck. This is money you earned & you deserve to keep. Get the help you need & call GET HELP TODAY! (877-698-2733) 

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